First round of presidential elections in Italy ends with no result

- January 25, 2022 गते तीव्रखबरमा प्रकाशित

तीव्रखबर (छिटो खबरको एउटै विकल्प)

Rome : The first round of the presidential elections in Italy, as expected, did not reveal a winner: most ballots were empty. The votes were counted live by Roberto Fico, president of the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament. “Due to the fact that no candidate has gained two-thirds of the total number of votes, it is necessary to move on to the second round, which will be held on Tuesday starting at 15:00,” Fico said. According to the voting results, 976 electors took part in the first round. -RSS

तीव्रखबर (छिटो खबरको एउटै विकल्प)


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